All testing was done on the same bike. The bike in this test is equipped with a TP75cc cylinder kit, lightly ported and with a new ring installed for the test. The motor was also fitted with a TM24 flatslide carb kit jetted with a 200 main jet, this was intentionally lean to allow the full rev out potential of the motor since this was a pipe test. The correct main jet for these conditions (58 degrees, 18% humidity and 29.71 pressure) was about 220-230. The bike was run on VPUltimate4 fuel premixed at 28:1 with an octane rating of about 93-94. Reeds were TP carbon. Clutch is a Barnett. Ignition chores were handled by a completely stock system with stock USA spec CDI unit with fixed timing at 20 degrees BTDC from idle to 15,000 rpm. Most of the pipes in the test were brand new, the used ones were clean race use only pipes with little to no carbon build up. Jetting was not changed from pipe to pipe but if it had been the results would have been higher peak power and torque numbers but little over rev past the torque peak.