Want to use two WhatsApp accounts on an Android smartphone? The easiest method is to clone the app. For this, you need a cloning app like App Cloner. An App Cloner duplicates apps so you can run the cloned apps with different user accounts.

App Cloner is a simple and free cloning app for Android smartphones. With App Cloner, you can quickly duplicate apps on your smartphone, then sign in with a second account.

When cloning the apps, the app will give you several options for customizing the copy. For example, you can change the name of the app, color the icon. More options can only be found in the premium version of the App Cloner, which costs $ 3.99.

Because of certificate issues, not all apps are supported at the moment. For example, Snapchat, YouTube, OneDrive, and most Google Apps can not be cloned. Cloning for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. is available in the Premium version.

You can download App Cloner from the following websites.


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